Tuesday, October 30, 2007


In Spiritual Formation today my professor began class by toasting us with his Diet Pepsi. This ended with him discussing an old beer commercial that showed several men drinking around a campfire in some kind of picturesque setting. The tagline mentioned something like "It doesn't get any better than this." As we were in Spiritual Formation, and as I attend a Christian university that does not allow people, even people over 21 to partake in alcoholic beverages, there was a certain tension in the room regarding the topic.

Anyway, as he discussed the commercial and mentioned the tagline, we began to talk about the fact that for non-believers, drinking beer around a campfire in a beautiful forest really is as good as it gets. This got me to thinking.

I think there tends to be an attitude of pity surrounding the depiction of friends getting together and enjoying a beer. I think sometimes Christians see this as sad because it is considered a primitive, or sensual pleasure that most Christians are too holy to enjoy. Last week I saw an announcement in the bathroom that gave all sorts of reasons not to drink alcohol. At the very bottom of the announcement was the statement, "Avoid places where drinking is the focus. Christ honored relationships above all." As if there is no relational aspect to drinking? As if relationships cannot be honored when there is alcohol involved.

I wonder, would a commercial that depicted a group of women sitting in a cafe enjoying a latte and idle chatter bring the same sense of pity?

I Can Already See the Carnage

I am skipping chapel to write this. Shhh don't tell JBU.

This weekend we are going to St Louis to the National Youth Worker's Convention. I am terribly excited about this as I am looking at is as a mini-vacation right in the middle of school. For some reason I have always wanted to go to St Louis and now I get to. Oh, and also it is free.

Did you hear what I just said? Free. Yes, free. Since this is a work thing for Rusty, the church is paying for us to go, which is a good thing because otherwise we would have to walk to St Louis, eat grass and shredded tires on the way, and sneak in a window to actually attend the convention. It finally happened, I ate through Rusty's entire paycheck. (Ok maybe I am exaggerating slightly. Just a little.)

I was not excited about last year's convention namely because I didn't get to go. In fact, it was a pretty horrific weekend for me. Please refer to the spiders.

I am considering blogging from the convention, assuming we have internet access. If not, I'll take extensive notes and blog when we get home. I'm shaking in my boots a little about it though. Normally I write about things like cat wars, being pregnant, and smart tips for gardening (like wearing gloves). Occasionally I'll write about God, and dabble very shallowly in theology. Ok maybe I don't dabble in theology, maybe I just write about my opinion of Christians.

If I was to blog from the convention I would be blogging about Tony Jones, Tony Campolo, and Marko. Not to mention lots of other people that I have never heard of, but who are undoubtedly much smarter than me. It would be like Matt blogging about the complexities of maternity clothes.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Piping Hot from the Oven

This is my new blog. (Just so you know, we are still working on building the blog, so please bear with me.) I wrote for a long time over at xanga, but after alot of thinking and stalling, decided it was time to move out of xanga and into the larger world. I don't know why this blog is larger than xanga but it is. Or will be. Or something.

There was considerable angst in choosing blogger. I believe I got frustrated enough to leave Rusty doing blog research while I took a nap. I tend to do that alot.

There was also considerable angst in choosing a blog name. For a while I was planning on using sperkins, which is very amusing to say out loud. Try it. Go on, just say "sperkins."

We chose sadiemama because I am pregnant* and Rusty likes to call me bigmama. When other women hear him call me that, they look at me with a mixture of pity and shock as if to say "Did you hear what he just called you?! BIGMAMA!" I don't mind when Rusty calls me bigmama. Honestly. I think it's funny. However, I didn't really want to be known in the great internet as "bigmama." Thus, the creation of sadiemama.

Now that I have sufficiently bored everyone, I think I'm done. If you are interested in reading other, less boring posts, please click on The Blogs of Old link.

*The title of this particular post has nothing to do with me being pregnant, having a bun in the oven, or anything like that. It refers to this blog being fresh, hot, and tasty. Much like a dinner roll. On that note, it's time for lunch.