Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Can Already See the Carnage

I am skipping chapel to write this. Shhh don't tell JBU.

This weekend we are going to St Louis to the National Youth Worker's Convention. I am terribly excited about this as I am looking at is as a mini-vacation right in the middle of school. For some reason I have always wanted to go to St Louis and now I get to. Oh, and also it is free.

Did you hear what I just said? Free. Yes, free. Since this is a work thing for Rusty, the church is paying for us to go, which is a good thing because otherwise we would have to walk to St Louis, eat grass and shredded tires on the way, and sneak in a window to actually attend the convention. It finally happened, I ate through Rusty's entire paycheck. (Ok maybe I am exaggerating slightly. Just a little.)

I was not excited about last year's convention namely because I didn't get to go. In fact, it was a pretty horrific weekend for me. Please refer to the spiders.

I am considering blogging from the convention, assuming we have internet access. If not, I'll take extensive notes and blog when we get home. I'm shaking in my boots a little about it though. Normally I write about things like cat wars, being pregnant, and smart tips for gardening (like wearing gloves). Occasionally I'll write about God, and dabble very shallowly in theology. Ok maybe I don't dabble in theology, maybe I just write about my opinion of Christians.

If I was to blog from the convention I would be blogging about Tony Jones, Tony Campolo, and Marko. Not to mention lots of other people that I have never heard of, but who are undoubtedly much smarter than me. It would be like Matt blogging about the complexities of maternity clothes.


Matt said...

Do it; blog the NYWC. Marko will add you to his blog list (http://www.ysmarko.com/?p=2110) and you will get millions of visitors who will learn of the greatness of sperkins... err, sadiemama.

I'm sure he'd love to have more female bloggers covering the convention.

Noah said...

THis site will forever be SPERKINS to me!