Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Irony, It Burns!

I didn't post yesterday because I didn't have any time to. So I shall wrap up today, and then move onto something other than the convention. And I will certainly never bring up cheerleading again...haha! I do appreciate everyone's thoughts and input though. So, thank you inputters.

On Sunday night, Rusty went to find seats for us and I went to the bathroom because I go to the bathroom every twelve minutes. When I came back he said "You are not going to believe what's in your chair". I knew that Greg Stier was speaking that night so I assumed something about D2S was there, but what I found was amazing. A flyer for the Jesus cups. I laughed and started to read it and in my hurry misread what the flyer was really for. I thought it was marketing for the cups, with a note on the bottom that read "Bulk Pricing Available" which I thought was the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen. Bulk orders of Jesus cups!?! The lunacy. I looked at what else was in my chair and realized I was holding a book called "Venti Jesus Please". Apparently the flyer was for the book, not for the cup.

So I was wrong (again) about the cups. They are marketing for the book, Venti Jesus Please. I realize that since I made such a big stinking deal about this, that now I have to read the book and understand it before I continue making a big stinking deal. I'll get back to you when I read it.

I pretty overloaded by Sunday night but honestly I found alot of what Greg Stier had to say was great. Granted, he yelled alot and even when I am in the best of moods I don't like it when people yell at me. I understand that that's just another way of communicating, and honestly its just something I have to deal with so I tried not to get too bent out of shape. I also think if I ever met Greg Stier on the street he would scare the crap out of me. I'm easily intimidated. But overall, his message was wonderful, that we often forget the centrality of the cross in our lives. In forgetting this, we forget to tell others about it, and forget to teach our students how to articulate their faith.

I'm honestly, very very tired of thinking and talking about the convention, so I am going to leave you with a few choice quotes from the weekend.

"I am an armpit hair in the body of Christ" -Duffy Robins
"Facial hair is in. We have no choice. We can't shave" -Tony Jones on his new beard
"Can you imagine Paul's application for seminary?" -Tony Campolo


Rusty said...

You should read Marko's comments about Greg. I agree with him.

Ann said...

I'm sorry for tempting you with the shoes. I must warn you that my blog post from today highlights one lovely pair of shoes I have.

But if there's one thing I've learned in the past few weeks, I've learned that stuff is just stuff. Selling some of my stuff a few weeks ago was really hard, but at the same time, it's very freeing. I cut my shoe collection in half. And even though I probably still have too many by some people's standards, it feels good to know that I can say no to the shoe demands.

dawn said...

you know how it's "no shave november" at school? well, it is. last year, i didn't shave... anything. including my armpits. lol. it was gross at first when it was still prickly, but after about 2 weeks, it wasn't so bad. i kind of liked it actually. i hate shaving. i bet you're wondering why the heck i'm talking about shaving (or not) armpit hair. it's because of your quote "I am an armpit hair in the body of Christ" -Duffy Robins. that's got to be one of the nastiest body parts a body can have. not the nastiest, but one of the nastiest... i can think of worse. anyway, i don't know what he was getting at, but it reminds me of Paul calling himself the "cheif of sinners."