Friday, November 2, 2007

NYWC Day 1

After wandering around for a while looking for a wireless connection, I finally found it. Actually, everywhere that I wandered had a wireless connection, but I am stupid and did not realize that I have to flip a switch on Rusty's computer to access wireless. Whatever. Newfangled technology. His computer also has a fingerprint scanner. I find that very James Bond of him.

I am skipping late night session to blog. I hope you all appreciate this as I am skipping an opportunity to listen to and possibly hug Tony Jones. The Man (yes, The Man) is quite brilliant and his children are beautiful. And now I want to hug him, as I want to hug most people that I find brilliant. More on Tony in a moment.

First of all, this guy:
I believe he may be the most stylish bag piper I have ever seen.

Second of all:

I totally was close enough to see David Crowder's sweat droplets. And while he did not eat my poptarts, I could have very well been close enough to him to lick his toes had I wanted to.

There is a part of me that absolutely loves concerts, the loudness, the vibrations, the crazy people running into one another and pregnant ladies standing near them. I can only imagine what all that racket sounds like to an unborn baby.

Then we listened to Duffy Robbins, and while I liked him, and what he had to say, and while I took notes on what he had to say, nothing shattered the earth so I will leave that at that.

Onto the good stuff. The Man. Tony Jones, who we will refer to from now on as just plain Tony. I had big expectations going into Tony's session on Theoloigical Tools. I had expectations of being confused, possibly offended, maybe even angry at him. I also expected at least one person to yell at him and walk out the door. There is quite alot of hype around the guy, and some find him and the whole Emergent Movement to be very scary. Or so I've heard. Surprisingly, I was not all that confused, nor was I offended or angry. And as far as I know, no one yelled and walked out. I was kind of disappointed, as I like those little dramatic hissy fits people sometimes throw.

Now, I am not going to share everything that Tony talked about, or everything that I thought in a full 90 minutes because that could take a week to hash out. If you'd like I'll photocopy and send you my notes. But there is one thing, one earth shattering thing that I simply must write about. I cannot go to sleep until I write about it and I am very tired, so here I go.

Tony talked about the idea that our behavior betrays our theology. Essentially, every decision we make, from how we drive to where we attend worship services, to how we parent our children, all of those decisions are theological decisions. I find that beautiful.

Our every action speaks about what we believe about God.

Tony also brought up the idea that theology is a quest for beauty. That's my paraphrase, he was much more articulate, but that's what I got. He presented "The Lily Axiom" that states, "Good theology begets beautiful Christianity. Bad theology begets ugly Christianity." I do believe my heart caught in my throat as I thought about this, for if it is true, if we are searching for beauty and if our actions betray our theology, then we should be living lives that seek to find, create, cultivate, and adore beauty. And of course, what could be more beautiful than our Father?

Oh, there was so, so much more. I have so much running through my head. I can't even begin to get it all out just yet. I'll post more tomorrow. But just so you know, if Rusty or I happen to run into Tony, we are stealing him to discuss parenting over coffee and pastries. You'd better believe it Tony!


Matt said...



I can't believe you are skipping something he is doing to blog. Never do such a thing.

I want everything you have from his session. I might order the recording from it online after it is over. This is the kind of session I wish he'd do more often. Usually he does something on postmodernism or other junk where I know what he's going to say.

Great stuff. I'm glad you are able to be there with Rusty.

Ann said...

David Crowder's hair has not changed since I was in high school. Like ten years ago. The familiarity of it filled me with the sense that I had just eaten banana cream pie. Delicious.

Noah said...

Jeoulous is an understatement...