Thursday, November 1, 2007

There is Dirt in Your Coffee Filter

I woke up before the sun today.

You might be thinking to yourself "Oh, Sadie must be one of those early riser types" or perhaps "Sadie must be getting into the practice of early rising for when she has a wee baby in her home". If you are thinking either of these things you are wrong. I am not an early riser type. In fact, I rarely wake up before 8 even though I usually go to bed around 10. And I am most certainly not getting in the practice of rising early for when I have a wee baby in my home. No, I am currently stocking up on precious sleep before said wee baby comes and wrecks havoc on my well-being.

I stumbled dangerously around the house at 6:50 this morning because I had to register for Spring classes. There is nothing I loathe more than registration. Except for maybe not getting enough sleep. For some reason registration begins at the unholy hour of 7am at JBU. And if you don't get up and register at precisely 7am you are doomed to not getting the right classes and having to spend yet another semester offering your soul to John Brown (Lord rest his soul).

So I stumbled dangerously to the computer, after wandering around for a minute looking for Rusty. I logged on and was greeted with the information that no, I could not register for classes because it was an invalid time to register. It was only 6:58 so I was not too worried. 2 minutes later, however, when I still was not allowed to register I began to worry. I tried logging on a few more times and when 7:10 rolled around I was in a full blown panic, frantically refreshing the page, sending emails to the registrar's office, and fighting the coming humiliation of still trying to graduate college 12 years after I began.

I began cleaning out my inbox, to keep myself from running all the way to JBU and pounding on their windows, begging to be allowed to register. It was there that I found an email from the registrar. It was opened, so presumably I read it at some point. I re-read it and discovered that registration did not start at 7am. It started at 7:30am.

Five minutes later (after sending another email to the registrar letting them know I had figured everything out) I began to add classes. I was met with three prerequisite errors, which I found to be terribly mean and inconvenient. At this point my chest started to tighten and I began to wonder why John Brown hated me. I have held some negative opinions of his school at times but I was willing to revoke all bad attitudes and rude comments if he would JUST LET ME ADD PHILOSOPHY OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH!

Eventually, I got into all my stupid classes and sent a very nice email to the very nice people in the registrar's office thanking them for their hard work and nice smiling faces and pretty hair and lovely smelling perfume.

Currently I am watching VH1 and drinking instant de-caf coffee, though I am pretty sure it was dirt I stirred into my cup and not coffee. At what point does the need for coffee reach a point where you are pretty sure you are drinking filtered dirt and you don't care? Because clearly I have passed that point.

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Ann said...

Oh, my my my. I remember those days of my roommate and I walking down to the computer lab far earlier than we had to get up to register just to ensure a computer for the registration. The ones in Walker filled up quickly. I have never figured out why JBU chooses to set up registration this way. My greatest semester was the semester I only had to sign up for an internship and a seminar class, and I already knew that I was in. I'm glad you got the classes you needed. College will be over before you know it.