Thursday, December 13, 2007

Brain Is Dead and Devoid of All Creativity. Call Back Later.

I just finished my last final. One more semester down, 3000 more to go. I hope to graduate by the time I am 47. We'll see how that works out for me.

I just wrote half of a post about the baby, looking bloated and spaghetti squash, but honestly, it was terrible and I don't want to publish it. I would rather wait and not post about the baby than post a few crappy paragraphs that lack any zest or humor or good writing skills. So I'll wait on that.

However, I didn't want anyone to think I had died or accidentally eaten my computer in a fit of manic hunger. Not dead. Computer still here. I just want to relish in the beginning of Christmas Break for a while. Should anyone need me they will be able to find me either on the couch playing Age of Empires or in bed reading a book that has nothing to do with school.

The end.

Ok, maybe not the end. I have a few more things to say.
1. I love this post by Dooce.
2. I also love these ugly little monster dolls. I hope to get one for the baby. See the website here.
3. Today I thought to myself: Maybe being as unstylish as I am, actually makes me stylish. Or maybe I'm just Sweatpants Phil.


Noah said...

FOr some reason, this post (like all the others) made me laugh.....

I'm still laughing! (and I have the erge to scream Pig sooie...)

Mario said...

Down with Age of Empires!
World of Warcraft fo'life!
btw, I'm right there with you as far as school goes. Just remember, one day we'll be making so much green(slang for money) that all of those desperate days of finishing assignments will have been well worth the near death anxiety.

Sadie said...

Unfortunately for me, Mario there isn't much green to be made in my line of work.
Its ok though because I plan on dominating the world (as in Age of Empires and NOT Warcraft) so I don't need much green. Gold, food, stone, and wood, yes. But not green.

Ann said...

I love that Dooce post too. Congratulations on another finals week finished!

dawn said...

i can tell you all about it monday when we ride to work together. until then, i will tell you it has to do with wes. i can say that here because, you're the only one that reads my xanga that won't freak out on me. cause they freak out whenever i mention him. well, they have in the past anyway. so, i don't mention guys anymore without having to qualify things. anyway, i'll tell you everything later.

Anonymous said...


finally caught up on th epositngs and such

heard today that we live in a "rushed" society, hurry and do this, finish that as quick as you can, writ an email, send a text message......far too much frenzy for me

again i ask you, could anna k be written today?

Sadie said...

Dad, maybe I will read anna k over christmas break. i'm going to read the pillow book, but i think i need one more book. that might be the winner.