Saturday, December 1, 2007


I'm sick. My intestines are throwing a big old freaking fit about something and I am completely at the mercy of them and their totally unpredictable cramps. Eew, that's gross. I know, trust me I know.
I have lots of stories to tell you about the very strange day I had while searching for maternity pants that fit me correctly, the fact that I only have one week of school left, the big 20 week doctor's visit that revealed lots of things about the wee one, and Baby Registry Extravaganza 2007, but I have a 10 page paper to write. Also, I'm sick and really don't feel like telling any stories right now.
Please send comforting thoughts to my intestines.

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dawn said...

do you need the rest of my chicken noodle soup? i'm not sure it actually does anything for frustrated bowels, but it tastes really good. peanut butter does wonders for the bowels though... not that i've had any experience with this perfectly normal yet terribly disgusting problem.
i've tried calling marla about trading me places, but i haven't gotten in touch with her. oh well. anyway, i look forward to your feeling better so you can feel like telling stories. i love your stories. speaking of stories, i told a charming little story on my xanga. you should read it. it will make you feel better.