Sunday, December 2, 2007

Not Born, But Still So Sassy

I feel slightly better. Sort of. Not really. I have to go to work in a few hours so I must feel a little better. Sister Sherri got me a McFlurry last night. I thought that was very nice of her, and even though it was probably the last thing my stomach needed, it was delicious. Delicious and the only thing I wanted. Praise the Lord for sisters. I have six sisters, I am bless-ed.

Now, about this baby. I am 21 weeks pregnant. I was confused about my weeks and thought I was only 20 weeks pregnant. Then when I got to the doctor they told me I was at 21 weeks. The halfway mark came and went and I didn't even know it! Incredible.

Last week the baby was as big as a banana from head to foot (previously we were measuring from head to booty). Here is a picture of a banana for your viewing pleasure:

(Oh dear sweet goodness. PLEASE do not look up "banana" on Google images. Trust me on that one.)
Now the baby is as big as a carrot!
This baby is growing in leaps and bounds!

According to the skilled and very tall Dr Crownover, everything looks good in the uterus. The baby and all his/her organs are in good shape. So far we have:
a head
a brain
a heart
two arms (that punched me while we were watching)
two legs
a spine
I can't remember what else we saw

And no, we still do not know the sex of the carrot baby. We don't want to know. We did not cave. In fact, the baby's legs were crossed when we looked at the legs which I found hilarious. If I was into projecting a personality onto my unborn child I would be amused at how obnoxious and smarty-pants this baby is. And if I was into posting sonogram pictures I would post the picture of Smarty-Pants' crossed legs. What are we getting ourselves into?


dawn said...

my my my, little beaner just keeps growing and growing. it's amazing. i'm very tempted to look up pictures of bananas on google since you said not too. i want to see pictures of crossed legs.

Sadie said...

Don't do it Dawn! Trust me!!

Mario said...

I wish one thing for your child.
That he/she learns very quickly how to effectively use the word "Dude".
Probably the best word any kid could ever learn right off the bat.
Good luck being a mama dude.

Noah said...
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Noah said...

i think that you, me, your husband, and your carrot (also known as your baby) should hang out more. And by more, i mean at least once....

Sadie said...

Mario! As in, Mario of the Roswell variety? Mario, who made macaroni and cheese with me? Mario who brought grilled cheese and milk to KFC when I was working there?

dawn said...

i agree that it's a funny story, but a lot of people seemed to be pretty worried by it.

Mario said...

Yeah man! You need to update this thing more often. This blog gets me through work dude!