Saturday, January 12, 2008

Because He Does Not Get Enough Credit

Cripes. When I look at my labels list I realize that I have written more posts about silly things like woolen coats, muffins, and being pants-less in a lifeboat than I have about my Rusty. This is simply not acceptable. Rusty has to put up with every single one of those silly things, and countless more silly (and sometimes downright crazy) things every single day. So really, he should get credit for every one of those silly things posts. He should also probably get a million dollars for every one of those silly things posts, but I don't know where he's going to get that, so we'll just move on.
In response to how little appreciation Rusty gets on this website (and probably at home too) I shall compose a list of things that are special and good about him. He will probably be embarrassed by this, but hopefully a little pleased as well.

1. When I made the neighbors cookies and then ate them all rather than giving them to the neighbors, he didn't say a word.
2. He acknowledges that I am a mess, but loves me anyway.
3. He lets me wear his clothes, though generally not in public (which is probably a good thing).
4. He understands that sometimes I just need to take a nap.
5. He helps to organize me.
6. He helps to calm me down when I get all twitchy and freaked out.
7. He makes a very cute shepherd.
8. He is good at fixing things, especially if they are things like computers.
9. He is a much better cook than I am.
10. He never makes me share my desserts with him.
11. He listens well and understands that I don't always need someone to fix things, but just to listen to me.
12. He doesn't complain about me using a pillow that takes up more space in the bed than he does.
13. He cleans the cat box.
14. He takes out the trash, of his own will.
15. He is very patient with me.

There are a bazillion more things I could write, but the mush has reached a critical point. In short, Rusty is a good man (He reminds me alot of my dad, and my dad is a good man too) and in my little way I want to tell him thank you. And to let him know that even if he is a dirty rotten blanket stealer, I really love him.


dawn said...

does he know how much credit he gets in your family classes? cause he gets a lot there, he just isn't there to hear it.
you are one tricky lady to get in touch with, just so you know.

Noah said...

this was very sweet. very.