Monday, January 14, 2008

How Do I Respond To This?

I suppose it happens in most pregnancies. You wander around for six months or so with a slightly paunchy belly, one that could be mistaken for a mere chocolate chip cookie addiction, one that is still able to be covered by a regular sized t-shirt, one that only your closest friends and relatives even notice.
And then, as if overnight, your belly explodes and all social grace (and really, any kind of grace) flies out the window. You look to be housing a small child rather than too many cookies, your t-shirts don't fit anymore, and the prize girl at Chuck E Cheese thinks it acceptable to reach across the prize counter and rub your belly, and then goes on to offer you a giant Mouse sucker 'for your baby'.


girlfromthenorthcountry said...

I just wanted to let you know that even though I haven't been commenting much, I have been reading. And I still love your blog.


dawn said...

how old was this prize girl at chuck e cheese who reached across the prize counter and rubbed your belly and offered you a giant mouse sucker 'for your baby'? seems very strange. i'm not sure that your baby would be able to appreciate the taste of the sucker yet or even appreciate the sugar that it supplies to his/her blood. anyway, i think it's been obvious for quite a while now that you're pregnant, but maybe that's just because i know your usual size. i wonder what i would do if someone came up to me and rubbed my belly. even if it was a good friend... i think i would avoid that person after that, cause well, that's weird.
in other news (since i only see you for one minute at a time lately) i pulled something in my neck and shoulder at work on saturday and i had to fill out an a/i on myself. i felt like a dork.

Spring said...

I love "oi"! I was watching an old Gilmore Girls episode the other day in which Lorelai says that "oi" must be the funniest word ever. And that "poodle" is also a funny word. And that if one could come up with a catchphrase using both words, such as "Oi, with the poodles, already!" it would be an overnight sensation.

Sigh. I love that show. And I agree. "Oi" is very, very fun.