Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Plight of Owning a Remington

One of the things that makes Squid very Squidlike is that he is very touchy. He gets his feelings hurt if you accidentally take up too much couch room, spend too much time at work, or look at him when he is not prepared to be looked at. Pull one of these tricks and he will sulk off into the other room, curl up in a ball and glare at you. Not Remington.

I believe Remington may be made out of flexible rubber, covered with lots of poufy black hair. He'll let you do just about anything to him. Except touch his teeth. He doesn't like that very much. But if you want to cover his eyes with his paws, that's fine. If you want to fold him in half, that's fine. If you want to roll him into a ball and put him in the breadbox, that's fine too. You can pick him up and move him, hold him in the air, use him as a scarf, whatever you please, and he will be totally fine with it. In fact, I think he likes it. I can hear his small meeping voice say "Whee! This is fun! You must really love me!"

Now Remington, as I have mentioned before, is a total in your face snuggler. This is particularly annoying at 5 in the morning when you wake up to cat breath in your nostrils and whiskers in your mouth. I am not very nice at 5 in the morning and will often rudely push him away. To no avail, as he comes right back. We'll usually go through this scenario about 8 times, him trying to kiss me, me pushing him away, before I get fed up and toss him off the bed. Squid would never put up with any of that, but Remington hops right back up, as if I just did him a favor, as if flying through the air is the most fun thing he could ever imagine. He does have feelings though. Yesterday, when I was trying to sleep past my alarm, Remington was playing with a plastic bread tie he found on the floor. I think the plastic bread tie was trying to get away from him because he was running back and forth across the bed, trying to pick up the bread tie without using his claws. When he came close to me I grabbed the bread tie and threw it onto the floor. Never in my life have I seen a cat give an uglier look.

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dawn said...

you make me laugh. thanks.