Friday, January 25, 2008

Roswell and Salem:A Comparitive Study

It is cold here.

No seriously, cold like I seriously thought about wearing my dinosaur long johns to school today. Cold like my ears may have fallen off somewhere between Walker and the cathedral. Cold like my butt feels like it is made out of ice. Cold like there are sections of Sager Creek that are frozen.

Last weekend Rusty and I went to his hometown, Salem AR. I remember growing up in Roswell, NM and always complaining about growing up in a small town. We all whined about how there was nothing to do, how Roswell was so boring and we couldn't wait to move out and go to a big city. We spend many evenings hanging out at Denny's for lack of anything else to do. Now, my growing up in a small town is nothing compared to Rusty's growing up in a small town. A comparison.

Salem boasts somewhere around 1,500 people--Roswell boasts around 45,000 people.

Salem has one elementary and one mid/high school--Roswell has more elementary schools than I can think of, four middle schools and two high schools. This does not include private, charter, or military schools.

Salem has three fast food restaurants--I have no idea how many Roswell has

Salem has no Wal-Mart (what? In Arkansas of all places...)

Rusty's graduating class was around 47--My graduating class was around 247.

Salem's population divided by ethnicity: White-97% Bi-racial-1% American Indian-1.5% Hispanic-.5%--Roswell's population divided by ethnicity: White-50% Hispanic 44% Other 21% Bi-racial-3% African American 2% American Indian 2%

And the most fundamental difference being the infamous Roswell Crash of '47. Salem can't hold a candle to our UFO's.

Perhaps a picture or two to solidify the differences



It is safe to say, our small town experiences were quite different. So we went to Salem, to watch a basketball game and to give me a frame of reference for all the stories the Perkins/Blands/Rogers tell me about the town. We left on Friday afternoon, watched the game, spent time with some friends, and in the morning saw the sights. It took about...10 minutes. Then we left.

On the drive to Salem I was looking at the landscape, quite different from Roswell. There are lots of hills here, lots of trees, and lots of water. I've heard Rusty talk about his Granny's house and how in the winter they would sometimes play on the frozen pond on her land. I have wonderful pictures of this in my head, cute little Perkins children bundled up playing on the ice. I told Rusty on the drive that I wanted to see a frozen pond and he said "You've never seen a frozen pond?"
"Nope. Not that I remember."
"You've never even seen a pond with a really thin layer of ice on the top?"
"Well, I've haven't really seen alot of ponds in my life. But I have seen puddles with thin layers of ice on them."

Please note as well, when I moved here I didn't own an ice scraper. Never really needed one on a consistent basis. Now I am the proud owner of a freaking huge ice scraper with a double sided scraper on one side and a brush on the other.

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dawn said...

all teenagers complain about being from small towns with nothing to do even if it isn't small. it's silly, but all teenagers do it, unless you're a well traveled child who has lived in her fair share of small towns and knows what's small and what isn't... like me. :-) i'm and idiot. anyway, i'm glad you got to see where your hubby grew up.