Thursday, January 3, 2008

Well Ok Then

Today when Rusty and I were between Roswell and Oklahoma City, somewhere in the vast spread of sepia grasses and treeshrubs where even the roadkill seems more forlorn than normal, I accepted defeat.
After reading 80 pages of Anna Karenina and realizing that I still had at least 1000 pages to go, I silently cursed Tolstoy. In my defeat and silent cursing I picked up Gabriel Garcia Marquez and before we got back to the ice-ravaged trees of Tulsa I had finished Memories of My Melancholy Whores . I had to redeem myself.


dawn said...

how was memories of my melancholy whores?

Anonymous said...

don't give else you you know anna could be written today?

Mandy said...

aw man! I was overcome with excitement when I read one post ago that you had started Anna Karenina, as it is one of my favorite books. That is what I get for waiting until you posted again, though I'm not sure my encouragement and elation would have compelled you to keep reading. I thought it was worth the 1000+ pages, as was War and Peace. I really liked "100 Year of Solitude" by GGM, though it had a lot of curse words and sex in it, making me feel a tad like a 14-year-old boy who is secretly reading a dirty romance novel. Definitely give Tolstoy another chance sometime, as I'm sure you'll have tons of free time once baby is born.