Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yay for Dooce!

This post makes me very happy for a woman whom I have never met and probably will never meet.
Dooce is one of my favorite online writers, and I am so going to buy her books.
This post also makes me vaguely jealous, as I can't wait until I get to feel all the crazy feelings of sending in a book manuscript. Oh the things I will write.

As a side note, I know that my baby's feet are going to be exceptionally cute feet with perfect toes and just the right amount of smooshy-ness but if this kid does not get its feet out from under my right ribs I will force those feet to wear silly socks with ducks and bears and bows and possibly dinosaurs on them. (I will probably force those feet to wear those socks anyway, but the baby doesn't know that yet.) Seriously.

*Update* I have spent the last, who knows how long, looking at Old Navy and Gap and J Crew websites. I am so excited that one day I will be able to wear cute skinny clothes again, rather than trying to fit my fat belly and newly chubbied butt and thighs. Sigh, being pregnant is rough.
Oh, and the feet have moved from the ribs. Thank goodness.

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dawn said...

you definitely should write a book. i'd buy it and laugh a lot probably. i'm glad you're excited about being skinny again someday. but, i'm also glad you have a "fat" belly and chubbied butt and thighs because it's cute. i think pregnant women are some of the cutest people in the world and since you were cute to begin with, that just makes you adorable. anyway, i'm mad that they didn't close school today.