Monday, February 18, 2008

I Cheated

Matt tagged in another meme. What the heck is a meme anyway? And how do you say it, meem or mem? This particular one has to do with books and posting the first 3 sentences of page 123 and then tagging 5 other people. Well, the closest book to me at the time is really my cognitive psych lab book. Now seriously, I am in school and I have some stupid books lying around my house and I am not about to waste an opportunity like this on COGLAB! So I found the next closest book, a non-school book, and guess what it was?

The Big Book of National Insults


I bought this book almost two years ago for a friend who was graduating from college and had every intention of sending it to her. However, this was the summer of crazy and I completely forgot. It remained wrapped and sitting in the bookshelf in our apartment that smelled like cigarette smoke and cheap flowery deodorant for a few more months before I unwrapped it and claimed it as my own. Now it resides on my mantle with several other books of note, next to my impressive assortment of empty pop bottles that serve as creative mantle art.

So here we go, the first 3 sentences of page 123.
"Most Boring Tiny Enslaved Country: Tiny Enslaved Latvia.
National Lampoon, 1972, under the heading 'George Sanders says: Here are some of the things that bored me to death.'"
"The Lithuanian is stupid like a pig but cunning like a serpent." -Polish saying

I have nothing against Lithuania or Latvia. That just happened to be on page 123. You should read the insults about Americans.


Matt said...

You are such a cheater.

Noah said...

and cheaters never win...
unless you're the patriots, then you can win 18 but not the one that matters....

dawn said...

we all know how you feel about latvia and lithuania, so that is why you chose that book instead of the one that was really the closest to you. really now, why such a personal hatred for countries that start with the letter "l"?

Sadie said...

Oh my word. You people are crazy.