Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Security Piling Up on the Counters

I am listening to a little song by Pedro the Lion, and I think Baby likes it. I looked down and my stomach was bouncing in time to the song. If this kid has rhythm I don't know where it came from. Certainly not from me.

Yesterday I was in my Therapeutic Interviewing class listening to the animated and bow-tie wearing Dr Cater begin a discussion about factors that can cause trouble in marriages. He got to the part about lacking security and I was thinking, all smug-like "Well, Rusty and I may lack some things, but security is definitely not one of them." Then he began explaining what he meant by lack of security, and he described Rusty and me so well that it was all I could do to keep from bursting out in raucous laughter, rolling on the floor with the hilarity of it all. For indeed, according to Dr Cater we do lack a little something in the security area.

You see, Rusty and I have this problem with follow-through-ness. Or maybe getting-started-ness. Or doing-things-ness. As a couple we hate to clean. We hate chores. We hate the day-to-day things that simply have to be done, no matter how boring they are. We like our house to be clean, we like the yard to be nice, we like the bills to be paid and the cars to be running, but we don't like to do those things. We would rather think about doing them, imagine doing them, write them down on our pretend to-do list, whine about them not getting done, than actually do them. And this can sometimes be a problem.

To date, we have only paid one bill late. We have (I have) only forgotten to feed the cats 876780353 times. We have worn dirty underwear probably more times than I should share. We have dirtied every single dish in the house approximately twice a month. We have let all the dirty dishes sit out on the counter while we refuse to put away the clean ones in the dishwasher approximately 3 times a month. We have thrown things we don't know what to do with in the computer room thus rendering the computer room entirely impassable, about every day for the last 2 months.

I really think alot of the problem lies in me, Rusty is far more self-disciplined that I. You see, I still won't admit that we are slightly slobbish. I sometimes refuse to clean the house when people are coming over because I feel like we should just let them see how we really live. We don't want to be deceitful do we? I often "forget" to do things that Rusty asks me to do, particularly if doing those things would require me to pull out the cleaning supplies.

So I suppose we do have a problem with security as we really don't want to do things that are 'unromantic'. In fact, if we could have it our way, I think Rusty would agree that we would forfeit a clean house, money to pay the bills, working cars, and a nice yard if we could sit around all day with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, making googly eyes and blowing kisses to one another.

Or maybe, we are just very lazy.


Matt said...

Whew. I was worried Alicia and I were the only couple living like that.

dawn said...

for some reason it didn't post my comment the first time. i said something like... Baby gets his/her rhythm from his/her aunt Dawn.

i'm the same way as you and i'm not even a couple. i like to have a clean bedroom/bathroom/house, but i don't like to hang up my clothes/wipe the counters/vacuum. so, instead of actually doing what needs to be done, i just imagine having a husband one day that likes to do all those things. ha!