Monday, March 31, 2008

Too Cool For School

Sorry I disappeared.

The cats ate through the power cord to my computer, then my computer died, then Rusty didn't bring home his power cord, and the computer in the other room (yes, computer number 3) is not hooked up and even though I know how to hook up a desk top, I can't actually reach the computer or the plugs in that room because of all the homeless junk that has started to live in there. So I didn't have a computer for like, 2 WHOLE DAYS!

It felt so strange, not having the computer to occupy my time. I felt like a part of me was missing, like those people who say they feel naked without their watch. I felt naked without my computer. Admitting that feels simultaneously refreshing and embarassing, for lo, I am kind of a loser.

Shall I confess something else? Rusty and I own several SuperNintendos. Only one works and I'm not really sure why we have the other ones, but they're Rusty's so I just ignore it most of the time. Anyway. We have a (several) SuperNintendo and my favorite game in the whole world is Super Mario Brothers. While it is my favorite game, I am terrible at it. I start to panic and jump jump jump jump even when I shouldn't jump and then I get killed by the stupid flying turtle things.

We recently pulled the SuperNintendo out of the drawer and hooked it up, and since that day I have spent many hours sitting on my exercise ball, bouncing up and down in beat with the music, screaming at the flying turtles and making Mario jump up and down like he has springs for legs.

You people only wish you were as cool as me.


dawn said...

you are too funny. i want to come over and play super mario brothers with you some time. i have to warn you though... i look like a retard when i play because i have to actually jump when mario jumps and i move my whole body to the right when i move mario to the right and i squeal when i die.

Nicole said...

Hey you are getting some good exercise bouncing. You're poor child is going to have a twitch or something from all that bouncing. And they will really like Oprah's behind!

Sadie said...

Oprah's behind.

dawn said...

qci want some brownies too!
ha ha ha!!! oprah's behind!