Sunday, April 27, 2008


Having Norah around has greatly increased my TV viewing.

I think to myself, Well shoot, I could spend my time reading, or listening to music, or just being quiet. I don't need the TV. But I never get further than simply thinking those things. I keep the TV on most of the day, partly because I like having people talking during the day. Norah talks, but mostly in grunts and squeals so I feel I need a little grown up talk.

This TV viewing increase has started to have affects on me.

My absolute favorite show is What Not to Wear. There is something so addictive about watching people transform from crazy nutjobs into beautifully glowing fashion gods and goddesses. I love the idea of having $5000 to spend on new clothes, and often fantasize about what I would do if I was on the show. And, I think Clinton and Stacy are hi-lar-ious. So mean. So snappy. So sarcastic.

Yesterday Rusty and I took Norah to the Dogwood Festival in Siloam. The Dogwood Festival is a craft fair of sorts that takes up the entire city park area. There are booths full of crafty things that you can look at while devouring a turkey leg or a funnel cake or both. The Dogwood Festival is quite an event, drawing tons of people to itself. As I'm sure you know well, where there are tons of people, there are tons of crazily dressed people. And yesterday, I morphed into some kind of ClintonStacy wannabe as a man wearing orange cargo shorts, a black and white checked button-down, and brown clunky sandals walked past me. I looked at him, and without even realizing it thought Shut up! You look like a picnic table threw up on you!

It was sad.

A few days ago I watched Gilmore Girls. Lorelei and Sooki were at Miss Patty's dance recital and were horrified when small children began dancing in the aisles as part of the show. They became even more terrified as the children blew handfuls of glitter confetti into their faces.

This morning, the worship team was not at their appointed place in the front of the church, but was spread out in the aisles. And I thought to myself Oh. My. Goodness. They better not blow glitter confetti into my face.

I need to stop watching TV before I completely lose it.


dawn said...

"Shut up! You look like a picnic table threw up on you!" oh my gosh! that's hilarious!

Mandy Riester said...

I KNOW that episode of Gilmore Girls. The kids are singing "we've got magic for you" or something. And Kirk does that VERY disturbing interpretive dance about his life...eek.

Mario said...

Dude, Sadie! I seriously just finished watching What Not to Wear this morning before I left for work. I got really ticked though because I invested like all of my time for the first half, you know, the part where the participant is verbally torn down and didn't get to watch the makeover! Stupid work and reponsibilities! btw, Gilmore Girls is a laaaAAAAAmmeeee! show.