Tuesday, April 1, 2008


If I had to sum up pregnancy into one tagline, this would be it.

Pregnancy: Nine months of fighting with my pants.


dawn said...

i fight with my pants but i'm not even pregnant.

Mario said...

I'm a proud pants fighter!
I recently bought two pairs of skinny jeans. Key word being SKINNY here. News flash, I AM NOT SKINNY! So says my ass!

Sadie said...

Oh Mario. You crack me up.
One of my post-pregnant goals is to buy and wear skinny jeans.
This could be my undoing.

dawn said...

thanks. i got tired of the brown. it was starting to look like it was a toilet that hadn't been flushed in a little too long.
um... and you're welcome for another also.
whoever else reads this comment is going to be so confused.
squeeze oprah's behind!
i just wanted to make it a little extra confusing. ha ha ha... :-)