Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Five Step Plan

The fact that money does not grow on trees has recently become very frustrating for me.

First, I have a limited number of clothes that fit me as the clothes I wore last summer and fall are all a solid three sizes smaller. Bah, baby-bearing hips. Mama is tired of wearing maternity jeans!

Second, I have been hit with a sudden and insatiable urge to organize and decorate our house. This takes money, money that I do not have, money that DOES NOT GROW ON TREES! Do you have any idea how annoying it is to have glorious plans for making your house a home and then remembering that, Oh yes, I am poor.

Third, I have this crazy idea to start a little side business. I cannot share the details of this side business because I am not sure if it is an actual thing I could do or if it is another of those dreams that seem to come out of nowhere and have no substance. Regardless, whether this is a real attainable side business or a half-formed hallucination I need money to start it. Or try it. Or whatever.

Fourth, I need me a trim. A trim baby! And possibly a pedicure.

I have developed several schemes for getting myself some dollars. Here they are.

First: Go back to work. The most obvious and probably easiest. However I cannot bring myself to leave my Norah for extended periods of time, especially since I will probably be going back to school in August and leaving her nearly every day. I will be working one day a week at the shelter, only eight hours. I also have monthly meetings that I have to attend, but can probably bring Norah to those. So....crazy shelter kids with your crazy ideas giving me crazy stories to tell? Here I come!

Second: Write something good and geddit published. Would also be helpful in attaining my goal to be a real-live writer person, however gedding published is easier said than done.

Third: Sell the clothes that do not fit and/or I do not wear and/or are just plain not good for Sadie. I did my own little What Not To Wear today. Stacy and Clinton should be proud. Finally something good came from watching TV.

Fourth: Sell my kidney.

Fifth: The blog. Oh the blog. Why does the pay-per-click take so stinking long to make any money? On that note, I would really appreciate if my lurking readers would make themselves known. If you read semi-regularly would you please leave a comment and tell me who you are, how I know you, how you found the blog, etc. That would be great. I want to know you lurkers!!

*Edit* Um, in no way should this be construed as a ploy to get people to send me money. I just needed to vent my frustration about not being paid simply to be alive. Also, I need a trim, baby. Not a trim baby.


sarahthe said...

i read.

caryn the designer said...

Hi Sadie. I would be one of your lurkers. I don't know if you'll remember me, but I was a volunteer at the shelter most of last year. I knew you then just as Sadie, but I found out after I moved that you were married to Rusty whom I knew from JBU and Noah is my husband's best friend. (He was our best man in our wedding in November.) So, I found your blog through Noah's blog after I got married and moved, and I started reading yours occasionally and then later realized who you were. Anyway, that's who I am and I enjoy reading about your life.

Mandy Riester said...

i read too

Amanda said...

I'm a reader. But not a lurker. Some call me DeMo. said...

I read too. I discovered you through Caryn, the Designer. Who discovered you through Noah...who I also know. Anyway, I'm a lurker. I also told you I had a question on Facebook, and then never asked it.

Lauren said...

Hi sadie-

I lurk. This is Lauren Cook - I met you a few years ago at camp eagle. I used to date Brandon, your cousin-in-law? or something like that a couple years ago. I discovered you from sarahthe. annnnd I find your child to be adorable.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker! You know me because you worked with me at the Daily Lobo, then we were roommates. Now you live close to the town where I was born, which is weird. And my old staff reporter from the Lobo just got a job at a newspaper in Rogers! It's gettin' a lil' crazy. Now I'll HAVE to come visit.

Miss you! Your baby is the cutest baby ever!

Katy (Knapp)

dawn said...

i am a lurker, although i lurk less than i did when i had homework to procrastinate. so, to answer your questions:
i am dawn
you know me from school and work
i found the blog because you told me to check it out

Anonymous said...

hey woman. soooo i'm not really a "lurker" since i've told you in person that i read your blog, but i thought i'd do you a favor since we've been best friends for a million years. i'm not sure if you remember me though, let me refresh your memory just in case...

we sat across the table from each other in fifth grade. Mrs. Burnett's class. the good ol' days. then we alternated seats with emily rogers every week (just about) in sixth grade so we could take turns sitting in the middle. then we went to junior high together, i compare mesa middle school to the movie about the high school with all the druggies and thugs. then came high school. we passed notes about rude people who were stingy with cookies. we also had the most phenomenal english teacher ever to have existed (until i get my teaching degree when i become a close second.) and lastly, you came to my house when you were quite with child and i rubbed your pregnant belly in hopes that it would make my uterus work.

so i guess that about sums it up. i do love your blog though, you play a key role in keeping me alive. and i love you.


Jennifer said...


I think I found your blog through Dawn's and then maybe Spring's. I graduated from JBU in 2003 but never offically knew you or your husband, just of you. I've been reading for many months now and love it. I visited JBU in February and saw you preggers at Walmart, but I thought introducing myself as a blog lurker might be a little too weird. So here I am saying hi now!

My2Gs said...

I found your blog today from Blog Rush. I feel your pain. My closet is 3/4 filled with my husbands clothes while my 1/4 of the closet contains only a few things that fit me post baby. I too wish money grew on trees because there are a ton of things I need to do with it right now.