Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Python Pants: That Would Be Funny

Ok. This whole business with Rusty being at camp and Norah and me being here? Not so fun anymore. It was fun for a few days, I went all crazy with the coffee ice cream and sleeping in and co-sleeping (I know. Scandal of scandals). But it's not fun anymore. I'm lonely now.

But I did get a massage yesterday and went shopping where I found an awesome pair of trouser jeans (On SALE!) that inexplicably fit me even though they are a size six and no other size six on the face of this green earth fit me. Also, I found the pair of red ballet flats that I have been dreaming about, only they are real and I can buy them instead of just dream about them.

Google! Send me my check!

Here are my swanky pants and here are my (soon to be) python shoes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh my. here i am. in this blogworld.
you should have called me... we could have done something fun.