Monday, June 16, 2008

Would You Like to Know What Is Causing Me Grief?

Let me tell you.

1. I spent over $200 at Babies R Us and have no idea how. Thank goodness for that giftcard.
2. Money does not grow on trees.
3. Despite a two day run of sleeping during the day Norah has decided, once again, that it is much more fun to stay awake ALL DAY lest she miss something.
4. My house is dirty again. Stupid house.
5. 2 months later and I'm STILL fighting with my pants.
6. I decided to grow out my hair. So to fight back my hair has decided to look ugly every day of my life.
7. I believe I have developed the black lung. I have no idea how I have developed the black lung seeing as I have not spent even one minute in a coal mine.
8. Stupid summer and its stupid no shows on TV.

Obviously I am very cranky right now. But on the up side, I got to eat delicious crab at lunch today. Mmmmm, crab crab crab.

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