Monday, July 14, 2008


Back when I was thinking about what my baby would look like, before I actually had a baby, I imagined the spawn would have blue eyes, very light skin and blonde fuzz if any hair at all. Instead I got a baby with blue eyes, fairly tan skin and fuzzy brown hair. Much much much more hair than I ever thought would live on my newborn baby's head. I was so proud of Norah's hair that it was the second thing I would tell people about her, right behind telling people that she was a girl. I love her fuzzy head, and everytime I give her a bath I put lotion on her head and give her a mohawk simply because I never thought I would have a baby that could have a mohawk.

Now that Norah is becoming more mobile we have a hair disaster upon us. She loves to play on her playmat and is getting really good at grabbing her toys. She will lay there for a long time, pulling her legs up to her belly and rolling back and forth, kicking her legs and squealing. But because of her rapid head movements she has a verifiable bald spot on the back of her head. No no, not just on the back of her head, but also all the way up the side of her head. She has a line of bald from the back of her head to her temples.

Bah!! She looks like she is preparing for monk-hood. Do they make Rogaine for babies?

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