Friday, July 4, 2008

Evening the Score

In case anyone was wondering, the cats are still alive, though they have suffered a serious demotion.

Remington, if it is possible, has become even more psychotic and Squid is still as snobby as ever. They are both well, and most nights get fed.

Last night I was standing in the kitchen waiting for the water to filter so I could fill up my water bottle and Rusty was standing in the kitchen doing I don't know what. I asked Rusty if he would feed the cats because, you know, I was really busy waiting for the water to filter and he was just...standing. So I said, "Rusty, will you feed the cats for me?" and Rusty gave me a look. A look I know well. A look that says, once again, "Dear Sweet Goodness What Have I Gotten Myself Into?" To his look I responded in exasperation, "Well. I have to feed Norah!"

(Now, since you weren't there I will explain this part to you. Norah was already asleep. I didn't have to feed Norah at that moment, I just meant that in general, I have to feed Norah.)

Then Rusty gave me another look, another look that I know well. A look that says "Woman." in a tone of equal exasperation. And so I fed the cats, while laughing and telling him "Look, you have to admit that was pretty good logic."

And it was, wasn't it?

*Edit* I suppose this story would make more sense if I gave you some key information about the thing with the cat food.

Long long ago, I decided that I wanted a cat, and the only way I could get a cat was if I promised that I would feed it and change the cat litter. I got a cat (Squid) and I kept my promise for a solid...2 days. Everyday since then I have been trying to wheedle my way out of feeding the cats.

Make sense now?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sadie, this is Kim, Dawn's mom. I was just looking, and saw the comment about Aveda. Don't know if this will be closer or not, but there will soon be an Aveda salon in Tahlequah. Thanks for being such a good friend to Dawn. And, Norah is absoloutely adorable. Those blue eyes are KILLER!!

dawn said...

i couldn't sleep, so i was looking at ads on your site and came across this one.