Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Iron Chef America-Perkins Style

On Sunday night Iron Chef America took over in our kitchen.

The secret ingredient:
Cherry tomatoes and green chile. (Because we are amateurs and not really Iron Chefs ((and because we were very hungry and The Beast only has limited patience for our silly games)) we only made one dish each.) (Are you totally impressed with my over-use of parentheses?) (I am.)

The competitors:
Sadie--specializes in microwaved cheese burritos, chocolate chip cookies and making very pretty omelets.
Rusty--specializes in making up new dishes, scrambled eggs, and macaroni and cheese.

The dishes:
Spicy Southwest Salmon with Green Chile Cheddar Quesadillas

Breaded Chicken and Wilted Spinach with Green Chile

The winner:
Plating--Spicy Southwest Salmon for its perfectly towering avocado and pleasing colors.
Taste--Breaded Chicken with its wonderful textures and combination flavors
Originality--Breaded Chicken because Rusty actually put thought into his meal whereas Sadie simply threw things together.

Overall, the Breaded Chicken won in a close race. Had Sadie not over-seasoned her otherwise perfectly cooked salmon, the competition would have been much closer.

Norah says "Psshhh. Who needs Salmon and Breaded Chicken? I love me some plastic toys and stuffed lions!"


Anonymous said...

Your quesadilla looks delicious!

And your daughter looks equally as yummy, but in the cute-baby-I-want-to -kiss-all-over-her-chubby-baby-cheeks way. Not in the Hannibal Lector lotion-in-the-basket way.

meme said...

boy those dishes make my mouth water think i will have to eat salmon today since i have a beautiful avocado sitting on my counter

dawn said...

i want a quesadilla!