Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mama's Friends

Dear BabyBjorn Air,
I love you. Oh how dearly and deeply I love you. I love your stylish gray and white with red piping. I love your light and airy fabric. I love your cute little instruction manual that lives in the little pouch. I love your silly name.
But mostly, I love that you have made it possible for me to carry my baby in the only way she finds acceptable (upright and able to look about) while still having two arms to either: a) play Skeeball, b) eat some cookies, or c) walk around WalMart. And as an added bonus, I look very hip while doing all those things.
Arms Free Mama

Dear Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb,
Thank you for making my lips so delightfully smooth and rosy with such little effort.
Pretty Lips Mama

Dear Play Mat and Bouncy Seat,
Thank you for helping me take a shower. You keep Norah entertained long enough so that I can take a shower without having to wait until she falls asleep which, you know, could be never. It is because of you that I am presentable and clean shaven.
Clean Mama

Dear Ben and Jerry,
Come give us a cuddle.
Still Trying to Lose the Baby Weight Mama

Dear Aveda,
Why must you make my life so hard? You see, I love your plant derived products. I love the standard of your service. I love your prices. I love that I can get an aromatherapy enhanced scalp massage and a free make-up touch up when I go to your salon. But I do not love that your closest salons are in Bentonville. That, I do not love. Will you please move closer to me?
Needing a Haircut Mama


dawn said...

guess who i saw today! jason, kerrie, and isaiah! he's a doll. you will be jealous of kerrie's body... I'M jealous of kerrie's body. geeze!

Lesley said...

this is really fantastic