Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Ongoing Saga of the Cars

I was inspired by my friend Jasmine's post about her car breaking down, inspired and reminded that I never updated on our car situation.

Last Saturday Rusty and I took a trip to a land I have never, not once ventured into before: The Land of New Cars. We loaded ourselves and The Beast (Norah's new nickname since she has taken such a liking to SHRIEKING all day long) into the camry and headed to the Toyota dealership. We chose the Toyota dealership because our chiropractor brother, Philip, knows the manager and thought we might get a deal. When we were getting ready to leave I was wearing a mid-calf skirt, but moments before we walked out the door I ran and changed into shorter shorts. I came out of the bedroom and told Rusty, "What was I thinking? How can I expect to get us a good deal on a car without showing a little leg??!"

We arrived at The Land of New Cars and spent a few hours in the beating sun. Twenty minutes into the car show I started sweating, sweating because the hot hot sun was piercing my backside, sweating because I was toting around a 13 pound Beast, sweating because Holy Crap! Do you have any idea how expensive cars are? Not just new cars, USED cars! They cost thousands of dollars!

Toward the end of the visit we had our hearts sort of set on a little Yaris, small and shiny and boasting an impressive 35MPG, a number that made my shop-a-holic little heart jump for joy. Oh the shopping damage I could do with that fabulous gas efficiency. So we told the guys that we would think about it and be back later.

We left, headed to the church to unwind, cool off and feed The Beast, and crunch some numbers. Rusty did the crunching (obviously) and even though the number he came up with, the number of dollars we would have at the end of the month if we bought a car, a number that did not take into account my hefty school bill, was terrifyingly tiny, I still believed we could buy a new car. Clearly I am insane.

A short time later, when The Beast hit the wall of I Am Not At Home In My Bed Where I Want To Be! I was confronted with my insanity. For clearly, only an insane person would take an infant to a car lot in the beating sun and only an insane person would think buying a new car without actually having the money to buy it would be a good idea. So on the drive home we chose not to buy a new car and when we got to Taco Bell and were sniffing the beany goodness I said, "I suppose I would rather have a junky car and be able to eat out than have a new car and have to eat dirt".

So. We don't have a new car, we still have two old cars that Norah should be embarassed to be toted around in, but at least we have Taco Bell. And strangely, I felt a deep sense of relief when we chose to keep our free cars, however ugly. Now I am lusting after a Vespa, and guess what? We can afford a Vespa...


Matt Cleaver said...

If you ever get to the point where you MUST buy a car (one of them explodes and you just can't function on one car) and you need some "expertise," let me know. I might have some ideas.

Too bad you don't live in TX. They have a program where you get $3,000 towards the trade of any car '98 or older if you buy like a 2004 or newer car.

Anonymous said...

bah haha! you crack me up. i think i might stop by today. my car was just giving me attitude- because yesterday and today....it was just fine. grr!

Anonymous said...

My car is fixed...sorta. It only needed a new fule filter. SO. It worked out...how your car issues do too!
HOW about YOU come visit me?!! That would be great.

dawn said...

now i want to eat some taco bell.