Friday, July 25, 2008

Sort of Like a Bug Zapper

Great. Just when I was becoming immune to the pull of precious and scrumptious summer baby clothes, they start coming out with all the precious and scrumptious fall baby clothes.

An actual reason to wear socks and maybe shoes!
Poufy fuzzy slippers!

I am at the mercy of those stupid baby clothes makers. I cannot help myself. I cannot walk into a store, not even Wal-Mart, without walking through the baby section. And then when I do walk through I suffer temporary amnesia and sleepwalking and suddenly I am sitting in my car with $90 worth of pink clothes and I have no idea how I got there.


Anonymous said...

There is so much money in the baby biz!! That's why our company is developing baby knee pads (for crawling of course) that are much more adorable than the current ones on the market. I'll hook you up!!!

And one of my clients has a very cute custom baby clothes website, I couldn't resist designing a blanket for my boss' newborn.

Sorry, I'm not helping.

dawn said...

i have a similar desire to walk through the baby section, and i don't even have a baby! Norah has strange powers.

Anonymous said...


remember those ladies that set up a shop at the colo springs flea market that sold nothing but baby clothes? and you thought they were loony.


and, from an earlier post: listen to king crimson (talk, walking on air), maybe bellX1, the Old 97's, throw on some eva cassidy, you'll be singing again


Anonymous said...

thankfully I have a guppy who loves to shop. so Isaiah is outfitted until he is through high school.