Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gud Thing Teh Baby's Cant Reed

Today is August 7th and thus a letter to Miss CrankyPants 2008 is due, however I am not finished with it yet. In the meantime:

A ridiculously cute onesie

Made even cuter by the silly tu-tu on the back

But on closer inspection, I see two grievous errors

And on the back, one more!

Granted, $36.95 for a Body Suite is a pretty good deal.
But for a Body Suit? Must be from a grandma.

Regardless, Norah looks good in her fancy pants.

(Better do spell check on this post, Mama.)


Anonymous said...

Nora is so cute!

Another strike against the tag-makers is that they used the font Comic Sans. Yuck.

But the onesie is adorable.

Suzie said...

too cute little fancy pants

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah... all the comments about my amazingness are going to my head.
that outfit is SO cute. now she needs slippers.

dawn said...

aww!!! she's a doll!

Petra said...

Love the onesie, love the baby!

Gia/mom Emily said...

Hey, hey, no comments about the price, it is the perogative of a doting grandma to spend ridiculous amounts of money on beautiful grandbabies. Just wait it will only get worse.