Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Must. Stop. Blinking.


I am in the process of adding a little pizazz, panache, flair, to our house. A little style, if you will. I spent a long time digging for treasures today and oh did I find some. Tomorrow I will post pictures of my finds because right now I am very tired.

But that isn't the most important part of this little story. The important part is, while Rusty and I were fighting over paint, Miss Norah rolled over from her back to her belly for the first time. And we? MISSED IT!

One minute Norah was on her back, rolling from side to side and sucking on her toes, the next, she was on her belly laughing and smiling. We suck.

But, here is a dark and wobbly video of the first time she rolled from her belly to her back. This happened quite a while ago, but I just figured out how to get it off my phone.

Um, please ignore my ridiculous yelling and squealing. It's embarrassing.

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dawn said...

eep!!! (that's me squealing from excitement) yay! i'm so excited. isn't it amazing how they figure things out? how do they do it? i just don't know. yay Norah!!!