Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Saint's Day

We celebrated Halloween today instead of yesterday. That's how we roll. One day late.

After much consideration and hilarity (mostly from seeing Rusty in my skinny jeans) we attended the Brown's Halloween Bash dressed as a ballerina princess with a snotty nose, an 80's punk rocker who's tattoos kept rubbing off onto her baby, and a Catholic priest with great fire making skills.

Several people told me I should keep the lip ring.

Several people also knew who I was because of my blog. I'm famous!

It was a grand time, and I am so glad to have friends who understand that, when you have a baby, parties need to start early in the evening.

And on that note, I would like to inform the world that One Eyed Jack and I won the Annual Brown Family Pumpkin Carving contest! Take that Jasmine's stars! And Caitlin's witch! And Garrett's...orb turned scary face.


LaurenFaith said...

hooray for being famous! and PS I LOVE YOUR MAKEUP AND HAIR! and you of course.

Anonymous said...

Whatever! I SOOOOOOOOOO won! They just got confused.

I am glad you came. MAN! We had an amazing time!!! Everyone loved all the food and the decor and the ....well everything. And... okay, I guess your pumpkin was pretty amazing.
Cheyne said he appreciated it because it was "artistic" psssh.

I <3 The Perkins!

Anonymous said...

I still think i should have won!!