Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Dire Need For Sure

I need help.

I actually have a serious (and long!) post working in my noggin, but for now I would like to discuss what is on my noggin. This mop that I generously call "my hair-do". At this point it is less of a hair-do and more of a liability. More of a disgrace. More of a distraction. More of a reason to not look in the mirror ever.

I decided back in July that I was going to grow my hair out. This stemmed from a fantastically awful set of hair-cuts I was given by a woman who actually cut my hair while she was on heavy-duty muscle relaxers. And no, I am not kidding. So I had this terrible cut, and I kept going back to the same lady, and kept getting the same horrible cut and it has taken a solid 8 months for it to grow to a point that there is something salvageable from the wreckage. So there I am, in July, with this wreckage on my head, and I said to myself "Screw it. I'm going to grow my hair out so I can put it in a ponytail every single day and not have to worry about it."
But that was in July, in the unbearable heat of July when I never thought clearly and was prone to eating entire packages of Oreos in one sitting. And then, in my overheated Oreo heavy not sleeping baby misery, the ponytail sounded like a grand idea. But now, in the leek eating, comfortable and well rested days, I just don't know about the ponytail. I just don't know. AND I CANNOT DECIDE ON MY OWN!
So I need your help, readers of the world. Do I continue in this awful mop-haired-ness for a few more months when I know fully that I do not like my hair long? Or do I go ahead a chop it off, knowing that it will look good, but I will have to actually do it everyday? Or? Do I just quit worrying about it and find something more meaningful to fill my blog space?

(But look! My words are back! The world is right again!)

Here are some pictures to help your decision.
This is my hair at the height of longness, all done. And yes, my
face often looks like that in pictures.
This also, is my hair at the height of longness, but this is
what it would actually look like on a normal day. But
without all the other people, and without all the parade junk.
But probably with the boa.
This is my hair at the height of cute shortness.
Ignore the goofy face.
So, what thinks you?


LaurenFaith said...

your hair has been longer than that!!! remember middle school???

i always loved it really short. but then again i loved it at all lengths. wearing it in a pony tail reminds me of high school (part of it)... and it looks cute in a pony tail. anyway...

i think you should grow it out- maybe between your chin and your shoulders. that way, you don't really have to mess with it and it's still long enough for a cute little pony tail, or a half-pony. i always feel fabulous with a cute haircut, but i LOVE pony-tails. they are practical and necessary.

Silvy said...

my vote is for longer, but both look great!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a vote. I just wish you'd make up your damn mind already... crazy girl.

"Jasmine will you cut my hair? Jasmine I want to color my hair! Jasmine I wanted it to grow out... Jasmine I hate my hair...Jasmine I don't know... Jasmine .....Jasmine....Jasmine..."

Okay. I lied. I have a voted. I like it the way it is now...just please let me trim the dead ends.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I like it long too. Short is so much day-to-day work!

dawn said...

um... i don't think it looks as bad as you make it out to be

Lesley said...

i just laughed so hard at this blog, because i was struggling with the same thing today. ( i am going for a haircut in a few days). so, anywho, i read this to my mom and she said 'go short!' and then she said 'do what makes you feel best'. which i agree with. so as much as i don't want to think about doing my hair everyday, i think i am going to go short, and you should too! kisses!