Thursday, November 6, 2008


My friend Noah wrote this great post. I am so proud of him for so graciously and accurately expressing something I have been struggling with for a few days now. Go read it.


Katy K said...

Your friend is genius! I got a little choked up because even though I don't agree with him on the "Republican" issues completely, his descriptions on Democrat policies and Christian faith is EXACTLY what I believe and the reason why I get so frustrated with some Christian Republicans who say one thing and act the complete opposite.

I wrote a not-so-nice blog about Sarah Palin and a Christian friend who I've known since I was a child told me she liked me better when I "kept my mouth shut." Then she quoted scripture that was completely unrelated and deleted me. I felt bad for her. Doesn't she know judging me like that isn't Christian? ha.

For the record, and just because I have to clarify, I don't believe any faith-based initiatives should be law. Period. It's our job as Christians to practice how we like and practice with compassion. It is not our job (in my opinion) to force others to practice the same religion and believe in the same principles. That is not the America our forefathers fought and bled for. Ok done with rant!

Anyway, GREAT blog! And I am going to share it. Thanks for the link!

Sadie said...

Thank you Katy. I agree with you wholeheartedly. You are a wise woman. Lovelove!

Anonymous said...

You should be preggers again. I think you were very very cute in those times.

Sadie said...

Garrett. You are nuts. You obviously didn't see me at the very end, when my eyes were sucked into the giant abyss of my fat face.
Are we still golfing tomorrow?

LaurenFaith said...

i hope you don't mean that you feel attacked for voting democrat. and i certainly hope you weren't saying you are angry about "hate and ignorance that many of my friends are spouting out" about whom i think you are talking about. and just as i explained to another friend of mine, hate and ignorance comes from ALL sides.

i am an independant. my views tend to lean more conservatively, but at the end of the day, i just want to vote for the person whom i think will do the best job.

also, katy, i'm sorry about your friend deleting you. but i think that if you are willing to write a not-so-nice blog, you've got to be willing to reap the consequences of it. and just as you felt she was judging you, maybe she felt you were judging sarah palin. i don't know, though. i hope that your friendship will fall back into place.

i consider myself extremely open-minded. i also believe that if you want people to listen to you and respect you, you've got to treat others the same way. i know that God doesn't ask us to vote straight republican or democrat, but i do know that he ALWAYS wants us to follow Him. now, our opinions on the best way to do that are always going to be different. and i always hate election time because it puts these awkward strains on relationships, but if we are united in following the Lord and putting Him first and loving Him best, the rest of it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter who is president. my allegiance does not lie there, nor with the flag, nor with the country. my allegiance lies with my God, and though i may not be happy with the way the election turned out, there will be another one in 4 years. not only that, but it's a job that i would never want, i couldn't handle the stress and responsibility.

i love you, sadie. you've been one of my best friends for almost my whole life, and i hope that you are not hurt or angry with me, i've tried to keep my opinions to myself.

p.s. i can't wait to come visit! 3 weeks!

LaurenFaith said...

** 2 weeks. excuse me.

katy said...

Well, there is a difference between myself and my old friend. I have never, and will never, claim that I am a non-judgemental, perfect Christian, like she does, while acting very non-Christian, like she does. I am very passionate, and very opinionated about my political views and do so unapologetically.

Furthermore, I don't "judge" or disown friends and family members for their own political views. It's just politics! I love my Republican friends and family members and they love me for all my liberal beliefs.

For my friend, it was hypocritical of her to quote scripture about kindness and judging on one hand and then tell me to "shut my mouth" before never speaking to me again. I am sure you can see the hypocrisy.

And I think it's my right as an American to think critically about the future leaders of this country. I will vet and scrutinize every single politician who asks for my vote. I'll also do it on my blog because I love writing and I love politics. My mind just never stops! I wasn't judging Sarah Palin, more that I was giving the reasons why I didn't believe she should be VP.

Anyway! No more politics back and forth on poor Sadie's blog. Sorry.

I love Sadie too!

LaurenFaith said...

oh, i absolutely agree that it was wrong of your old friend to criticize you with scripture. that is not what scripture was intended for.

it's just always been a goal (and also a struggle)for me to see both sides of a situation, because i know that i have done and said things that hurt people i loved, just like they have done and said things that hurt me. there's a great quote from Fight Club that i always think about. The Narrator says, "You know how you always hurt the one you love? Well, that saying goes both ways." now, don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to tell you that you have done anything wrong at all, and i hope it didn't come across that way. as a matter of fact, i completely disagree with the way your old friend handled this situation.

this is how i see things...

1. you have a blog with which you express your thoughts and ideas.

2. by having said blog, you are free to write whatever you want, it's YOUR blog.

3. old friend (hereinafter "OF") decides she doesn't like what you're saying, so OF verbally criticizes you on YOUR blog.

i don't agree with the way OF handled that. it would have been different if you had written a post that offended her on her page or someone else's page, but you didn't.

i've never read your blog, but you've got me interested now. i, myself, have taken some heat for the things i have believed and written about, and that's why i said what i said about being prepared to reap the consequences of it (of which i am sure you are fully aware). people get their feathers ruffled really easily, especially if they are closed-minded, and i sometimes get some sick pleasure out of playing with that.

you seem like a strongly opinionated person, Katy, friend of Sadie, and i think that i will really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas.

and if i don't agree with it, i'll judge you and publicly humiliate you.


Katy K said...

hahah Lauren. I'm opinionated, but also one of those people who is sensitive and don't like when people get mad at me. So when my friend "deleted" me from MySpace after being my best friend since we were 11 over something (like you said) in MY blog, I was really hurt. But I let it go. We'd already got into a back and forth over how I am not a good Christian a year or so before, so I didn't want to go into that again with her.

Please do come by my new website. I'm going to have podcasts and everything up soon, too. I promise, I try to be less mean-spirited and more light-hearted with my opinions.

I love Sadie and her friend Lauren! Even if you do come judge me and publicly humiliate me. haha. That made me LOL.

Sadie said...

I would like to point out, that though you may not realize it, you two (Katy and Lauren) have met one another.
Katy was my (awesome) roomate in Albuquerque, and Lauren came to stay a night there with me once.
That was the same weekend I locked myself out of the house and broke in through my second story window.

LaurenFaith said...

oh yes, that was the weekend i got 36 parking tickets with my mom's excursion and you had to park it somewhere else. and i think i remember actually meeting katy. i think ramen noodles were in the picture somewhere... maybe sadie was eating some? or i was. i don't know.

katy, i don't think you should change anything unless you want to. i read some of your blogs and i think you're so funny. and i'm the same way, i tend to have really strong opinions, but i'm wicked sensitive and i hate hurting people's feelings.

but i think it's awful that she won't be your friend because she thinks you are not christian enough. first of all, who is she to judge how christian you are? and secondly, even if she was right, doesn't God call us to love one another? i have several non-christian friends and i love them as much as my christian friends. gahhh. people frustrate me sometimes. but i'm glad i made you laugh, i thought i was being pretty funny myself.

so you said a new website... do you have a different one frome the katynapkin link posted on sadie's blog?

dawn said...

so, i posted a link to him on my xanga too. i have more views than i've had in a long time.

as for the suits, i'm on the verge of being pissed with the whole situation and with jj because it's ridiculous that every suggestion i make won't work and i don't even give a shit about what the guys wear in the first place. (sigh) i feel a little better, now, after that short rant.