Monday, December 8, 2008

5 Notes of No Real Importance

1. Norah has been sick the past few days. She has been crying and coughing and had a bad case of The Crankies. The only good thing that has come from this is that she has been sleeping with me again. (!)

2. I had to take my sick baby to the doctor with me this morning. Ear-rr-rr-ly this morning. Not for her, though she probably needed the appointment more than me. We had to go get my fat blood checked out again.

3. Even though I had not yet gotten the results from the lab, I left the dr's office and headed straight to McDonald's where I devoured an egg, bacon, cheese bagel and a cup of coffee. Fat blood tastes so good.

4. Then we went back to the dr's office and were finally seen by the dr himself at 9:30 even though my appointment was at 8:45. Alot of good that waiting did me, since the lab still hadn't finished my bloodwork.

5. Teeth! Quit torturing us! Please!


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Silvy said...

hey sadie!
so sorry i missed dawn's shower and didn't rsvp or anything. i am terrible friend. we moved last week and somehow i lost the invitation and your phone number :(. i hope it went well, though, and i'm sure dawn loved everything you guys got her! james and i would still love to get together with yall sometime after finals and the holidays. hope all is well!!!