Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Note to My Fat Blood

Dear Cholesterol,

Hello there. I have been ignoring you since the beginning of December, since I went to the dr's office and found out that you had dropped 46 points. Since that post-dr's office delicious egg and bacon bagel. I was so proud of you for dropping so quickly, proud of myself for making better food choices, that I decided I would ignore you until after the New Year.

So I did. I ate brisket and bratwurst and butter and steaks and burgers and french fries. And pies. Cokes. It was glorious.

But now I am back at my house, the new year has started and school and work will begin again soon. So I suppose I will resume thinking about you nearly everyday. I will resume eating Smart Balance and whole grains and lots of veggies. And oatmeal.

Thanks for being that constant thorn in my side.



dawn said...

i was going to talk to you about that next time i saw you.

dawn said...

sounds great! i have to drop JJ off at work at 8, so anytime after that is free! :-)