Wednesday, March 18, 2009

11 Months-The Late and the Lazy

We are leaving for our spring break trip on Friday. I am terribly excited. So excited, in fact, that it is taking everything in me to do my homework that is due this week and study for the tests I have this week. All I want to do is start packing, but I have this clunky essay about the population of the Ukraine that is due tomorrow and I really need to get on that...
It is way past March 7th, which was Norah's 11 month birthday. I forgot to write her a letter, and I don't really want to write one now because I am writing her big 1 year (!) letter in a litttle over 2 weeks. So in the place of a letter, I will just make a list of all her Awesome Tricks. Also, my brain is already on spring break, so I just don't have it in me to do anything more creative than write a list.
Norah's Awesome 11 Month Tricks

1. Feeds herself with a spoon. While she has not yet figured out how to scoop things from her bowl with her spoon, she can take a pre-loaded spoon from either her bowl or my hand and make it to her mouth. Most of the time. Sometimes it goes in her eyeballs and sometimes she tips the spoon over and dumps everything in her lap. And sometimes she waits til I give her a really full spoon and then flings it across the room.

2. Cruises. Yes, she now holds onto furniture and walks along it. And just today, when she was "helping" me load the dishwasher she let go and stood alone. She seemed just as surprised as me, and stood there for at least a whole minute before she fell down.

3. Eats an entire piece of pizza, including the crust. I am especially fond of this one. She didn't eat a cut-up piece of pizza. She held a whole piece in her hand, by the crust, and at the whole thing. Mama is so proud!

4. Yes. I give my baby pizza. Get over it.

5. Talks. She says lots of words, but the most clear and frequent are "Mama" "DadDad" and "Yea!?"

I'm sure she has more tricks, but the population of the Ukraine is waiting for me to write about it, so I must quit. But first, the sequence of self-feeding in picture form.


dawn said...

yay Norah! way to feed yourself! it's hard to believe it's been almost a year. i was going to see if you wanted to get together this weekend, but you're on spring break, so we'll have to do it some other time. i hope you have a great time! if you're back around the 27th or so, give me a call, b/c jj's going camping with some friends and i'll be all by my lonesome.

Anonymous said...

you can come hang out with me too...even though my husband isn't camping.


wendy said...

sadly, when john eats, he gets a similar result.

so either Norah is super advanced and eats like a 24 year old man, or john just eats like an almost toddler.