Friday, April 10, 2009

Look Out Tyra!

Back in January, we went to Roswell to visit my family. The weather was beautiful while we were there, in fact, warmer there in January than it has been here in April. It was so warm, you could go outside without any pants on. Norah chose to go ahead and take advantage of optional pants, because she is a baby and she can do that kind of thing.

Also, we had to take some pictures of her wearing these baby kneepads that my friend Katy sent us as a product test type of thing. I lived with Katy when I went to school at UNM. Now she has graduated and moved to LA and works for this fancy company that...well actually I don't know what the company does. But anyway, she sent us the kneepads, and then later asked if we would take some pictures of Norah wearing them and send them to her. Then maybe at some point they would use the pictures when they were building their website.

So we took the pictures, and sent them. is the finished product! (Dude. My baby is SO a model!)


Silvy said...

that is the absolute cutest picture i have ever seen!!!

Katy said...

I concur!

Thanks for letting us use your baby for the web site (and other marketing materials). Just some clarification, I work for a development company and right now, we have several different divisions. I am the sales manager of Lil' Melon and a custom label company. It's so much fun! I love it.

And I love you Sadie. And Norah. And these pictures. And your blog. And Rogers. Where I was born. And you now live. So weird.


Jasmine said...

Uhh, excuse me ma'am... that baby has no hair.

Sadie said...

Thanks Silvy!

Katy, anytime you need a cute baby model, let me know! And the website looks fabulous (even without Norah it would)

Jasmine, I know. She gets it from me. Haha!

dawnvon said...

the pictures are so great! she's growin so fast!

Singing A New Song said...

Hey, Sadie! We need to get our babies together for play dates.

dawnvon said...

you're the first one to leave a comment! yay! hey, did you get my message yesterday?