Sunday, May 24, 2009

C'est la Vie

In addition to a tied on bumper, only one side mirror, and malfunctioning doors and windows, my car also lacks a radio. Part of the saga of Dear Husband, Please Buy Me a New Car! I suppose. The tied on bumper, eh...I don't really notice it. The side mirror, don't really need it. I've grown accustomed to working out of only three doors and I have a handy set of pliers in case of an emergency window rolling down event (like, every time I go to McDonald's). But the radio...this one really kills me.

The thing is, I actually have a radio in the car. I got the car with a gaping hole where the stereo should be. No big deal when you are getting a free car from your mom, right? Well after driving around tuneless for a whole summer I was getting really desperate. The hums and groans of a manual transmission are only so appealing for so long. So I begged my friends, Mario and Matt, to help me find one of those awesome stereos that you can buy at Wal-Mart, the kind with the removable face-plate and then put it in the car. They obliged, because they are nice guys. But for some reason, we never could get the thing to work. So eventually, and I forget the details here, I got a nicer stereo (still from Wal-Mart with removable face plate) and we ended up paying $50 to the guy who lived across the street from us to put it in the car. And it worked! And for several years the stereo was my companion, belting out the songs I needed to hear no matter the time of day, the weather, or how many other things were falling apart.

The stereo held great power, made my slowly rotting car a thing I would gladly tolerate because I still had my Modest Mouse, my Hot Hot Heat, my Killers, my Bjork, my Working Title and my Explosions in the Sky.

And then one day, it died. My stereo just went out. And though for a while it would sporadically start working again, and I would leap for joy as the songs filled my car, I knew it would eventually stop working completely. That sad day has come (actually, it came about 4 months ago, but whatever.) and I am stuck in the tuneless box with nothing but the rattles and groans and squeals to keep me company. And yes, Norah's noises are included in the rattles groans and squeals.

I think Norah may mourn the loss of the tunes as much as I do, because she gets very angry if she has no music in the car. So I spend alot of time singing and talking to her as we drive around. I don't know how many times I have sung The Itsy Bitsy Spider. I probably sing it in my sleep. We sing solfege and scales in such dramatic fashion that Julie Andrews would weep. And recently we have started singing the ABCs, because eventually Norah is going to have to learn them, and I am really tired of the stupid soggy spider.

In addition to singing the ABCs, we spell words too. I don't know if you know this, but I am an excellent speller. Forward and backward. Which is why I always get to do the gnilleps puzzles in Cranium. (I hope I don't mis-spell anything in this post). So we spell things. Norah. Mama. Daddy. Pterodactyl. Ollie. Remington. Honduras. You get the picture. And when I spell for Norah, I do it very slowly, dragging out every letter so N-O-R-A-H becomes NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN-OOOOOOOOOOOOO-RRRRRRRRRRR-AAAAAAAAAAAAA-HHHHHH.

She usually spells with me, but her N-O-R-A-H sounds more like BEEEEHHHH-YAAAAAAAA-TTTTTTTT-EEEEEEEEEWWWWWW-GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! But its cute because she drags it out just like me, and because I am her mother so I think she is the embodiment of cute.

Actually, our spelling sessions remind me of this


philip said...

I will have an 05 minivan for sale in a month with a working stereo and dvd player.

Sadie said...

Thanks Philip. But unless the van is for sale for about...$12 I won't be able to afford it. Unless of course, I can pay you in...babysitting or something like that. : )

Anonymous said...

picture this
mom and dad and 3 kids, bench seat, 67 dodge pickup
a whole buncha vacations, including a move to california (and back)
with no radio

Sadie said...

Hahahaha! Good point Dad. Gotta keep things in perspective.

Mario said...

What you should do is just start winging the songs you sort of know. Like..."mmm'bop" perfect example. I mean aside from a "woahohhh" every couple of "mmbops" you've pretty much got a classic 90's hit for those boring drives to work!

I'm still laughing over that stupid radio installation we tried. Absolutely no clue what we were doing. none. sorry.

Sadie said...

Haha! Mario, its ok. The memories I have of that day are worth more than the music I could have listened to if things had worked out.

Gia/mom Emily said...

Ahh Sadie another memory dredged up by your blog, try this, old, old, squareback VW with grandma, me you, audrey and Uncle terry, no AC, driving to Denver from Roswell, July 4th weekend hottest in the history of Denver and the only thing I know how to fix is a vapor lock, after removing all the luggage on the side of interstate 25 in 200 degree heat. Radio schmadio

philip said...

I was thinking about this today Sadie and I have a perfectly good radio and listen to pandora on my iphone more then anything. I know your husband as an ipod you can get a rechargeable docking station for it for about $30, I know I have one, it stays charged for 10 hours, and then use his ipod in your car. Just a thought