Friday, May 1, 2009


Bell Pepper and Jalapeno Plants

Radish Sprouts

Despite the fact that there has been virtually no sun in my corner of the world SATURDAY! I now own radish sprouts, pea plant flowers, onion sprouts, and two teeny tiny green tomatos.
Maybe I underestimated my gardening skills. Maybe I have such extraordinary latent gardening know-how, that my plants have no need for the sun. They can just bask in my awesomeness.

Obligatory Baby Photos


Katie said...

Absolutely basking in your awesomeness. No doubt.

Love the baby pictures! She's growing so quickly!

Angela said...

Now you just have to watch out for the rabbits and nathanael he says he will eat all your jalepeno's

philip said...

That was me earlier I didn't realize angela was signed in only phone

Sadie said...

Nathanael can only eat the things he helped plant. So he can eat blackberries, carrots and radishes. :)

dawnvon said...

i've been wanting to plant some veggies. maybe i should ask you for some tips. btw, how did your yardsale go last weekend?
and... i can't believe how big Norah's getting. she's adorable!

Aidan and Zachary said...

I'm excited that when you come back to work we can talk a little farm. I harvested broccoli yesterday. Very exciting day for me. I must say, though, that I'm a little nervous about your jalepeno's next to your bell peppers. Let me know how that turns out.

philip said...

I dont think he eats any of that. Chloe does though so she might eat his share especially of carrots. Congrats on graduation we wont be there. We have two shower's in KC on saturday. But have fun and enjoy it.