Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Further Home Invasions

Today a termite inspector came to my house. I was expecting him at 3, but when my doorbell rang at 2 I was fairly certain it was the termite man, even if it was an hour early. Thankfully I had just changed out of my bathing suit and was able to answer the door in appropriate attire. Though I was in the middle of sending a text message to Jasmine and was kind of distracted.

He came in, and while the inspection only took about 10 minutes, he spent a good 5 minutes flirting with me and talking to my cats. No joke, he not so subtly asked me to have a make-shift coffee date with him. While he was in my house. And my baby was sitting not two feet away eating lunch and dumping water all over the place.

This was made slightly more uncomfortable when I realized that he had conducted part of his termite inspection in my very messy bedroom where all my under-things are splayed out in their glory.

Could someone please explain to me the good manners that are expected when you have repair-men and termite-men in your house? Because obviously I am clueless.


dawnvon said...

you're such a milf!

Jasmine said...

That is sick Dawn!!!!! You might want to rethink that one!