Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nom Nom Nom

A few weeks ago I was looking at The Baby Book by Dr Sears. A woman from our church bought this for us right after Norah was born and it is awesome. It's full of useful information about things like breastfeeding, helping baby sleep, what babies can eat at what age, and what to do when your precious sweet baby starts throwing tantrums and biting her toys with rage in her eyes. That last part has been particularly useful the past few weeks as Norah lacks the ability to verbalize her frustrations, so she bites her toys instead. At least she isn't biting me.

The Baby Book also has a handy development chart that goes from birth to age 2. When Norah was younger, every few months on the 7th I would lug the book into the living room and look at where she was on the chart. I read about her past skills, her current skills and her future skills as well as cognitive abilities and favorite activities. But as she's gotten a little older I've stopped pulling it out on the 7th of every third month.

So when I got it out a few weeks ago I had some catching up to do. I happened to look back a few chapters at a section about teething and noticed the handy age diagrams for typical baby teeth. Norah was about 16 months at the time and sporting 4 pearly whites, which placed her solidly in the 6-9 month range.

Then I looked at the diagram for babies in their 16th month and holy smokes! They are supposed to have their 1 year molars at that point. Not to mention all the other little chompers that have sprouted before the molars.

Dudes. How does Dr. Sears expect Norah to have all those teeth?I can't even imagine that. And why does she even need them, because honestly, she seems to do pretty well for herself with her 4 little friends. I don't really see the need for canines or pre-molars or molars. Incisors will do fine for us, thank you.

It was probably just then, just as I was scoffing at Dr Sears and his "tooth knowledge" that three more teeth erupted out of Norah's gums. Two on the top and one on the bottom. And just yesterday I (stupidly) stuck my finger in her mouth and right before Norah chomped down on it with her perfectly good incisors I felt an enormous lump somewhere near the pre-molar section of her top gum. Ouchies.

Perhaps that is why Norah has taken to biting her toys.


Q, La, and Gooner said...

Oh dear. Teeth must hurt. I'm glad that we don't remember.

Tasha said...

Ha ha! Gotta watch out for those chompers! She's a cutie.

I also used to live, sleep and eat Dr. Sears words. "The Baby Book" is still sitting smartly on my book shelf waiting to answer my questions.